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There was quite a spread served-up today at the weekly Wednesday lunch (as usual) and thankfully a handful of people walked in right at noon, helping to keep the Hastings Senior Citizen’s Center open. Six bucks is all it costs to have a home-cooked meal, including dessert and an ice tea or ice water. The money goes toward paying utilities and insurance on the building, so that it may remain open and available for rent.


Several of the area’s residents each bring a dish to donate for the cause. There is generally a variety to choose from for all courses – the main course, side dishes and desserts. I like to try everything. Today, to save room, I mixed together two different side dishes and thought, “What a coincidence, they are both pickled!” Or were they? I don’t know, but I know they were both good that way.

A few of the folks who frequent the lunch went to high school with my mom and dad. I think that is neat. We sat with one of such friends at lunch. This person also attends the UMC in Waurika and we discussed how much we loved last week, seeing The Master’s Storyteller, and discovered we have had the same song rolling around in our head ever since. So, again I will say but in another way, if you ever get the chance to see Wesley Putnam, The Master’s Storyteller, I highly doubt you will be disappointed.

And, if you ever happen to be in the Hastings, Oklahoma area on a Wednesday promptly at noon, stop by the Hastings Senior Citizen’s Center for lunch. Not only will you get a great meal for only $6, you will be helping the whole town. No one wants to see the Center close down. It is located on Main Street across from the post office and available to rent for most occasions. If you go, feel free to say, “Susie sent me,” and, “hi,” to my mom and dad!

If you really want to know… I’m a Cathodist

Best I can figure, I am a Cathodist Misallievangelical with close ties to the Baptist’s. However, I am mostly Catholic, then Methodist. The other two churches I elected to become a member of, I did so during my seeking years. I spent a few looking for a place where I would feel that I “fit in.”

My mom might disagree with me and say I am mostly Methodist, since I was born into a Methodist family, baptized as a baby in the Methodist Church and where I attended for the first twenty-two years of life. A good case, but so is the one that claims I am mostly Catholic. I had to earn it.

After attending weekly classes for a year after we were married, I passed the test that declared me to be Catholic. I probably had an advantage as well, since I had graduated from Cathedral High School. The church accepted my baptism as a baby but not my confirmation, I guess because they called it first communion. So I took part in a ceremony with a class of second graders in order for the Catholic church to recognize our union under God. Whew, we pulled it off – married by the Methodists AND approved by the Catholics. Both in-laws were in luck.

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We did about a decade of semi-faithful Catholicism before long days at the community park took over the time commitment. Not for long though, for we started going to a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church after a neighbor invited us, which we loved, and then lost the pastor to a better town. A colleague invited us years later to an Evangelical Church, which we also loved, until the hour-long drive started to wear on us.

When my “church hopping” escapades ended up at the Baptist Church, my enthusiasm to study the bible really took off. For I had never heard of “the rapture” before, in all of my almost 40 years in a handful of churches. I was also looking for where the bible says that I would go to hell if I were not baptized Baptist. What I found was a little more shocking, at first, though so intriguing that I continued studying using the Strong’s Concordance. Suddenly, the bible made more sense than ever to me. And everyday, it continues to fascinate me.

Before I get into all that, I just want to say – my goal is to share what I have been studying about the bible, nothing more. I do not care to try to convince anyone of anything. I would simply like to share some things I have discovered, in case others are searching like I was and struggling with a faith not making much sense. And if what I have to share happens to add to your already sense-filled faith, well then that would be fine. This will be in an upcoming post.

As far as my faith, it is overflowing. Because of this, I feel I can “fit in” just about anywhere, even when I don’t. As far as what to call me, should you have a need to label it, we’ll go with Cathodist. Predominantly Catholic and then Methodist. And because Cathodist sounds better than Metholic.

How’s that for organized religion?

Love it or Fear it

What a difference a decade can make.

Dave finally got me out on what I call “the big boat,” on March 1, 2018. I was terrified. Not a natural boat person myself, I was scared about everything and anything that could go wrong. He had spent the previous five years helping me to feel safe in the small boat, and I just wanted to go back to being in the small boat.

He tried telling me how much safer we were in a bigger boat, among other things, in an effort to ease my fear, but the only thing I could think of, was how scared I was. Then out of the blue, I thought of something I had heard years before and had recently began to put in to practice – love it or fear it.

When I first heard someone say that our reactions or feelings about something either stem from a place of love or a place of fear, I thought they were a little “out there.” The first time I experienced seeing this truth, I was blown away. I guess this notion “blew me out there” with this other person, because I got it. It took me a couple of years, but by golly, I got it! And once you get it, I think you will be amazed.

So I thought about this while out there feeling frantic, and decided to give it a try. There was no doubt about it, I was coming from a place of fear, so I searched for a place of love, from which I could see things instead. I started thinking, okay, Dave loves boating, he grew up boating, he knows how to boat, I love Dave. My ego tried to interject with, yeah, and I love me, too and I want to live! I answered it with a very practical solution – well then put on a life jacket. And I did.

Having a bright orange flotation device fastened about my person, gave me some security, so I started again. Okay, Dave loves boating, I love Dave, Dave loves me, we both love nature, and animals, and beautiful scenery, and I started naming all the things we were seeing. Taking in the beauty of God’s seemingly magical creations, I was no longer thinking of being frightened, and instead, was thinking of how awesome it is that my husband and I share the same love for things. Before I knew it, I was making a mental gratitude list, which included being thankful that we survived the last ten years, staying together.

I went on to thank God for changing us, so we could stay together, and for helping us get to the best place we have ever been in our relationship. By the time I realized my immense gratitude for the fact that we both love God, I was actually having a pretty good time. I relaxed just enough to take a photo without the life jacket smothering my face, and then right back on it went.


Dave was happy to hear at the end of the ride that yes, it was fun, and that next time I will let him take me out on the ocean.