I found myself feeling a little worried today And then a voice said inside my head HEY! Have you forgotten how you felt just the other day, You had a calm sense of peace and knew everything would be okay. Give no attention to the negative in your head, Turn that talk around, generate positive,… Read More 11.13.19


Today we mostly chilled, quite literally. We dreaded the drive to Duncan in the 27 degree weather Then we realized that the car was the warmest spot altogether. Cleaned out the car from our 9 day trip, we did that too, And now the house looks like a zoo. The cats don’t want us to… Read More 11.12.19


We made it back to Hastings fine Although I thought it would be about 7 And it was more like 9 (eastern time). It was raining in Dallas And the wind was fierce And my nerves, Google did pierce. My maps app kept rerouting us, With no ability to discuss. “Accidents,” the voice would say,… Read More 11.11.19


There was quite a spread served-up today at the weekly Wednesday lunch (as usual) and thankfully a handful of people walked in right at noon, helping to keep the Hastings Senior Citizen’s Center open. Six bucks is all it costs to have a home-cooked meal, including dessert and an ice tea or ice water. The… Read More The HSCC