There are many pieces to the q-who puzzle, pieces I used to juggle, over several sites. Deciding to simplify, I set out to consolidate some sites and discard others. I am still working out the kinks, so if you find something amiss, please check back. My goal is to have the kinks worked out and my perfectionism set aside by April 1, 2020. Regardless, I am always interested in correcting my mistakes, so if you find one, please feel free to let me know. My email address is below. You can use it for other things as well, like to get my dad’s book, or to tell me you did, and think it is swell. Or, if you want to just say “Hi,” please do, if you would like.

“Susie-Q,” I have heard the most by far, but my favorite was given to me by a rock star. He calls me, “Q-ster.” Other names, I have been called, too, the mentally lazy, they just call me, “Sue.” “No, it’s Susie,” I say, thinking this they knew, though it matters not, it’s just what they do. I wear several different hats, sometimes it feels like a zoo, or a million-piece puzzle, with no picture to view. Some days, it is overwhelming and I want to cry, “Boo-Hoo,” then I look at my plate and ask myself, “Q-Who?”

“You can do anything you set your mind to,” my parents used to always say, and so I set my mind to do a million different things. My parent’s did much the same, and when they died, it became three million things I want to do. In addition, something happened to the puzzle pieces. They became attached in the wrong place.

Detaching the Pieces








Memories stained on stuff. Sentiments flying solo. Collectibles clutter careers. Antiques answer questions. Interests take a back seat.

My email is: contact@susieraffey.com

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This blog goes back to our first vacation in the keys with a boat, in 2013. Many trips and life events have been added since, and I hope many more are to come.

This blog goes back to our first vacation in the keys with a boat, in 2013. Many trips and life events have been added since, and I hope many more are to come.

Photos and videos from the nonprofit organization I started in 2017 to help homeless cats.

All about Hastings, OK, where my parents married, and 58 years later, both took their last breath.

The first time I heard that we either come from a place of love or a place of fear, I thought, “No,” then years later I experienced it, and now I say, “Oh!”

This site showcases the unique area west of Florida’s newest city (as of 2017), Westlake.

He to whom I hitched my star, is a building contractor in the state of Florida. Together, we run Raffey Development & Remodeling, Inc.

My parents. It is still hard for me to believe that we are starting 2020 without them.

My very first blog. The oldest. It is about dictionary.com’s word of the day.

Poems by me, Susie Raffey, about my day or things I see. Also, videos I find scrapbook worthy.

My newest blog. So new, there’s nothing there yet. It is going to be about some interesting stuff, although, it is not for everyone. An open mind is required to find it as fascinating as I do.

Q-Who Blog Posts

Uncomplicating Me

Without thinking ahead, I have started several blogs over the last seven years, mostly because I got hooked on buying domain names I like. A new domain called for a new blog, or so I thought, and pretty soon, it got complicated. Shortly after that, life got complicated and my blogs took a back seat. […]

Q-Who Posts

Q-Who could mean many things to you. Me, I see a sentimental manager selling stuff from my parent’s estate and striving to save my sanity while it’s still not too late. Amazed by the mental weight the over-accumulation of stuff has had on me, I decided to write about it. Overwhelmed by the apparent inability […]

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